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    Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, located 750 kilometers north of the capital Bangkok, under Suthep Mountain, which is more than 1600 meters above the sea level. It is surrounded by mountains with beautiful scenery where it is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also the political and economic center of northern Thailand. Deng Lijun, “The queen of singers in a generation” was living in here, and because of the popular blockbuster movie –《Lost in Thailand》,Chiang Mai became the “extremely popular city in internet which the Chinese tourist will select to visit in Thailand for a while.

    In Chiang Mai, which is called “Rose in Northern of Thailand”,  you can visit the ancient temples of Suthep Mountain, Ssangyong Temple, Phra Sing Temple, Chedi Long Temple and other temples to experience Buddhist culture in Thailand,  or go to Tha Phae Gate and Chiang Mai to travel back to the Lanna Thai dynasty which was in more than 700 years ago, in a moment, to experience the wisdom of the ancient Thais, or ride an elephant, go to the night market, eat seafood, and do a small fish massage or Thailand Traditional massage, enjoy the slow pace of life which is unique to Chiang Mai. Of course, when you are thirsty, drink a bottle of OK brand drinking water produced locally in Chiang Mai, then relieve heat and quench thirst immediately,and refreshing your heart.

    OK Food & Beverage Group of Thailand was registered in Chiang Mai by Thai Chinese Mrs. Yang and Mr. Gao, and it aims to provide safe, healthy and good living experience to the public. Influenced by the traditional Chinese culture and the strong complex of “drinking water and thinking of origin”, at the beginning of the decision of the project about bottled water, Mrs. Yang and her husband made their choice to choose the supplier of production line within China and they hoped that the best equipment supplier in China will tailor the whole project for them.

    Because of these reasons, Mrs. Yang and Mr. Gao visited China personally with their team, and after visiting a few numbers of supplier factories, they think these factories didn’t conform to their requirements. Finaly they selected Newamstar as their last visiting stop in China by chance.

    After the investigation group arrived Newamstar, they found not only the modern work buildings, the cleaning production environments and the advanced equipment, but also the careful management enthusiastic and professional technical support, and busy but orderly view of modern business. All of these impressed the friends from far away. After that, OK and Newamstar carried out materiality communication, and talked about technical details, production process, intelligent control, service initiatives one by one. Lastly, they confirmed the turnkey project of 12000BPH bottled water combiblock production line.

    As this is the first time that OK group works in bottled water production field, at the whole factory planning, Newamstar tried best to provide one-stop full service for OK group, including bottle design, plant planning, blowdown project, water treatment process, functional area layout, production line layout and others planning, which  eliminate customer’s concerns. Under the efforts of both sides, in the march of the second year, the production line works on schedule in the Chiang Mai factory. Until now, it sends healthy and cool drinking water for Thai people continuously, conveying beautiful story of cooperation between two countries which are miles apart.

    Safety and health, efficiency and stability, simple operation, energy saving and low consumption, it is the best feedback for users of Newamstar’s products. While Newamstar has always adhered to technology research and development as its guide, constantly made innovative breakthroughs, brought more and more China’s high-quality products and efficient service to more and more countries and regions, and make green and intelligence become the basic color of global development.