Aseptic Filling

Newamstar has a mature medium and high-speed PET bottle aseptic filling technology that can be applied to a wide range of products. For high-acid and low-acid products, the sterilization efficiency of the system can reach 5D or 6D. Sterilization technical process can be divided into wet sterilization, dry sterilization and electron beam sterilization. This process is used to sterilize packaging materials such as bottles and caps, as well as filling environment. The aseptic zone is realized by an isolator, and the sanitary area inside the machine with different grades is maintained by positive pressure.
Applicable Products:Juices, tea drinks, functional drinks, vegetable protein drinks, liquid milk, etc.
Suitable Container:PET bottles of various shapes and capacities
Filling Method:Non-contact filling
Production Capacity:12000 bottles/hour – 48000 bottles/hour