Bottle Warmer

Low-temperature filling is used for carbonated beverages (usually at 4-10 °C), but the room temperature in summer is much higher. In such environment, the moisture in the air can easily condense into dew on the outer surface of the bottle body. This brings inconvenience to follow-up packaging and operations such as labeling. In particular, if the carton is used for packaging, the dew can easily wet the paperboard, which can be damaged seriously. Therefore, a bottle warmer must be installed after the filling machine to heat the bottle to room temperature. The bottle warmer is a tunnel type spray equipment. It heats the bottle through heat exchange of circulating hot water and has three temperature zones (more warm zones can also be designed). After section heating, the temperature of the beverage center reaches room temperature. Dynamic transition is adopted at the import and export of the bottle warmer in order to reduce the squeeze on the inverted bottle sterilization machine and manual intervention.