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Talent Strategy

According to the talent strategy of “Bringing Outstanding Talents from the World to Achieve the Global Great Cause”, Newamstar actively explore and summarize a set of effective talent management mechanism. It can be summed up that teams of talented personnel will be set up in every field under the general principle of “recruiting elites through selection and cultivation” mainly for “strategic”, “supportive”, and “partner-oriented” talents through attracting talents home and abroad, training our existing personnel and building business teams and through perfecting the interest-driven, passionate-mobilized and spirit-encouraged management system to provide talent resources for realizing Newamstar’s vision of “a leading global supplier of liquid packaging solutions”.

Salary and Welfare

Salary Motivation

The Company implements a pay distribution system based on performance pay, piece-rate wages, target awards, and various policy awards. It establishes post salary promotion channel for all employees and highlights the value of key positions. The Company has various award policies such as project awards, new product development and iteration awards, patent awards, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement awards, rationalization proposal awards, outstanding employee awards, draftsmanship awards, academic and professional title promotion awards, and special contribution awards.

Welfare Guarantee

The Company has a perfect security system. It adopts a labor contract engagement system. The Company provides its employees with Social insurance and house fund as well as free accommodation and an intra-city shuttle. It offers regular staff activities such as skill contests, sports games, Spring Festival Gala, and outdoor quality development to build a harmonious labor relationship with its employees.