Ultra-clean Filling

The ultra-clean filling process needs to meet the following three requirements:
(1)Filled materials should meet the shelf-life safety requirements; 
(2)The interface between packaging materials and materials must be sterilized;
(3)The environment of the filling and sealing area is sterilized and kept in a clean environment.
Ultra-clean filling equipment uses ultra-clean filling technology. The sterilization efficiency of the interface between the packaging material and the material must be SE ≥ 3. Filling and sealing areas should meet the requirements of Class N6 for clean rooms as specified in GB 50073-2013 “Code for Design of Clean Room”.
Applicable Products:Juices, tea drinks, functional drinks, milk drinks, etc.
Suitable Container:PET bottles of various shapes and capacities
Filling Temperature:Hot filling (82-92 °C), ultra-clean medium temperature filling (68-75 °C), ultra-clean normal temperature filling (16-35 °C), ultra-clean cold filling (4- 15°C).
Filling Modes:Mechanical filling, flow-controlled filling, level-controlled filling, weighing filling
Production Capacity:12000 bottles/hour – 72000 bottles/hour