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    With the diversification of consumer’s demand about healthy drinks, beverages are also rapidly updated all the way, and it also takes individual needs and more difficult technical challenges to aspect packaging technology. For example, aseptic filling technology with granules. By long-term program evaluation, technical justification, and sterility test, Newamstar has fully mastered a series of core and key technologies, and many particulate PET aseptic production lines have been put in efficient and stable operations, praised by customers for “stable production line operation, advanced technology, and intimate and guaranteed service”.

    Another example is high-viscosity yogurt drinks. Since AMBROSIAL entered the market and made a great success, Newamstar has followed up the market analysis and technical research of high-viscosity drinks in suitable time. To develop and promote a new product, testing and evaluation must be conducted through various dimensions, to make sure what form of processing is ok to used to ensure high quality and shelf life of the beverage. At the same time, combining the brand positioning and market focus of different users, it is necessary to test the comprehensive technical level and service strength of equipment suppliers at developing high-viscosity beverages of different categories and specifications. Since Newamstar started developing aseptic technology and ultra-clean technology, it has combined ultra-high temperature instant sterilization UHT (130-145 ℃), high-temperature short-term sterilization HTST (11-125 ℃), pasteurization (65-92 ℃) and other process, the viscosity of the product can be made from 100cp to 2000cp, which can ensure that the tube is not pasteurized under high temperature sterilization, and can achieve accurate filling under different viscosities, creating a variety of high-viscosity beverage packaging technology achievements, and making complete handle solutions for high-viscosity beverages tailored for multiple users.

    Since the research and development of the first generation of aseptic filling technology, Newamstar’s aseptic filling technology has been continuously upgraded and has successfully released seventh generations of aseptic filling technology to the market. Not only has it achieved a leap in capacity of production line, expand of the application field continually, but also kept pace of the sterilization technology for aseptic filling beverages with the times, and has been updated. In addition, a lot of innovation and improvement have been made in energy saving and consumption reduction, and environmental protection of the equipment.

    In addition to the basic energy consumption required for aseptic startup, the early aseptic filling production lines required the coordination of multiple chemicals to reach the aseptic environment, and the production process also required a large number of chemicals to maintain the stability of the aseptic environment continuously. One method of dry aseptic technology introduced by Newamstar is to use atomized hydrogen peroxide instead of peracetic acid for sterilization, which greatly saves the amount of chemicals used and solves the problem of residual disinfection solution. The other method is to use the electron beam physical sterilization method, which replaces the use of chemicals to realize no chemical residues, and to be more environmental-friendly. Newamstar’s dry aseptic technology has sustainable technology models and concepts, and had recognized by more and more customers.

    Newamstar’s PET aseptic filling technology can be used for different packaging forms and different packaging specifications, while enriching product diversity. In order to meet customers’ requirements for quickly switching product specifications, Newamstar relies on its strong technical background and rich experience, combining the blowing-filling-spinning machine technology, a variety of materials compatible filling technology, and multi-specification PET bottle rotary blowing technology, and others which is independently developed by Newamstar, to meet the actual needs of customers. In the blowing unit, the quick change function of the mold can be easily realized. The fastest mold replacement time for a single cavity can be controlled at 75 seconds. Operators only need to adjust the star wheel when changing for different bottle types. In the filling unit, when changing different bottles, operators only need to adjust the star wheel, which is fast and convenient. It has also developed filling clips that are compatible with different bottle mouths, which is suitable for the online conversion of multiple bottle mouth products in the future. In the capping unit, personalized products can be applied in the capping systems, and also can match the corresponding cap torque according to different specifications of the bottle cap. Now, Newamstar is further building a flexible production unit with the function of switching various bottle types and various products online, achieving the spectacular situation of “one production line at a hand, all in the hand”.

    By more than 20 years of market precipitation, Newamstar’s aseptic technology has become increasingly sophisticated, and it has also continuously helped many brand customers to launch new products and expand their scale of development.


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