• 142020 / 05


    The partnership between Newamstar and COFCO began with the sparkling wine project in 2015. And later Newamstar worked together with COFCO’s cereal and oil branch on the 6,500 BPH edible oil(1.8L) filling machine project. Based on the excellent cooperation over the years, COFCO selected Newamstar as the potential supplier at the early beginning of planning new production line in 2018, and then carried out field inspection and evaluation on Newamstar’s application cases, comprehensive strength, technical capacity and other aspects. Finally, in the tender evaluation, Newamstar successfully won the new round of cooperation with COFCO for its excellent comprehensive quality, and reached the whole-line cooperation of a 4,000 BPH cooking oil(5L) filling line and a 4,000 BPH cooking oil(900ml) filling line.

    In response to several major problems such as the conflict of and logistics, insufficient space utilization, and optimization of labor costs in the COFCO plant during this cooperation, Newamstar’s team has followed the corporate mission of “Building an ideal factory for customers” and developed a unique solution according to actual circumstances:

    The flow of people and logistics do not conflict, and complete separation: the first floor is for concentrated palletizing; the second floor is the main line of filling and packaging, including work procedure from bottle blowing to case sealing; while the third floor provides cartons, preforms, bottle caps and lifting rings, which are sent to the production line on the second floor through the conveyor chain.

    The palletizer adopts the method of one robot for two production lines, which greatly saves space: the whole layer can be stacked with shutter structure and the pallets can also be provided to both new line and existing line by using this palletizing system.

    The two lines can achieve 5L bottle and small bottle bundled with double lifting ring, providing a variety of products for COFCO to develop the market and adding competitive leverages to the marketing approach.

    Visual inspection system for Disqualified preforms, labels, filling covers, and lifting rings, reducing personnel intervention and operation and saving labor costs while ensuring product packaging quality.

    Realize the connection between tagging and code reading ERP and WMS management system, intelligently track the equipment operating parameters and energy consumption data of the production line so as to make the factory management more precise and smarter.

    According to the requirements of COFCO, Newamstar has continuously optimized its solution and has been highly recognized. The production line has been delivered to customers on schedule and successfully put into operation.