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    Uzbekistan, located in Central Asia, is the main transportation route of the ancient Silk Road. It has a long history and is credited as a bright pearl in Central Asia. Newamstar has been bound up with Uzbekistan for long, there was a filling production line sold here more than a decade ago. In recent years, with the rapid development of Uzbekistan’s economy, Uzbekistan’s customers who come to visit and cooperate with Newamstar are increasing.
    In 2013, SMILE planned to purchase a rotary bottle blowing machine. The SMILE team headed by Mr. Bekzhod was visiting and inspecting suppliers all over the world. One of the stops is Newamstar in China. In terms of rotary bottle blowing machine, customer was initially prefer more about the equipment from European suppliers, and they were still inspecting and examining equipment made in China. Despite the pressure of reception, we know that we can earn the trust only by our strength. During this visit, we have made SMILE team have a comprehensive understanding of our technology through various ways. After the inspection, the two companies began a long exchange of e-mails and phone calls. Until 2015, one 12000 BPH rotary bottle blowing machine contract had been signed by both side.
    Although it was just one blowing machine, it was of great significance to both sides. This is the first rotary bottle blowing machine exported to Central Asia by Newamstar. It is also the first Chinese-made rotary bottle blowing machine imported by Uzbekistan. To a certain extent, Newamstar shouldered the image of “Made in China” and had no alternatives but seeing it done.
    It turned out that Newamstar did not let SMILE down. As Mr Bekzhod recalled it, there was a fierce competition and serious inflation at that year in Uzbekistan. Thanks to the rotary bottle blowing machine and high-efficient automatic bottle blowing machine imported from Newamstar, SMILE could greatly reduce the weight of the preform and also largely improved the production efficiency, which helped the company enhance its competitive advantage and also lay good foundation for the company’s rapid development in the future.
    During a return visit over the years, Mr. Bekzhod inadvertently revealed the true thoughts at that time-why SMILE chose Newamstar as a partner among so many suppliers around the world. Bekzhod explained, “Before making this decision, we spent more than two years inspecting and examining Newamstar. During those two years, you’ve handled our problems responsibly. First of all, we feel that you are more reliable and trustworthy than other suppliers. Secondly, through our first cooperation, we have truly felt your careful and meticulous service, your professional and reliable product quality, and the pleasant cooperation process. Another point is that every time we come to your factory, we can feel that you are undergoing constant innovation and transformation, which can also give me new perspectives and ideas so that we have new feelings from time to time, we like doing business with companies like Newamstar.”
    Nowadays, Newamstar not only provides SMILE with production line, but also assists SMILE in the research and development of new products and the development of personalized solutions suitable for the company’s development. Nowadays, Mr. Bekzhod and SMILE team regularly visits Newamstar every year to discuss industry dynamics and future development trend with the Newamstar team. For SMILE, Newamstar is not only a partner, but also a good teacher, a good friend and also a family member.