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    With the rapid development of Ethiopia in recent years, people’s living standard is increasing day by day, and the demand for water, especially in clean water, is also growing, which has led to the rapid growth of the bottled water market. The initial few Several bottle water production companies have developed into a flourishing market today. As the first Chinese high-end liquid packaging solution provider to set foot on the African plateau, Newamstar has always been committed to contributing to the development of the bottled water market in Ethiopia.

    Ethiopian Bottled Water Synonym-“YES”

     “YES” is the most frequently-used word in the world that everyone blurt out whether in English or non-English speaking countries, In Ethiopia, YES is the most well-known bottled water brand in the country, so when it comes to “YES”, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is bottled water. When a consumer goes to the store and says “buy YES”, it means he wants to buy bottled water, which fully reflects YES high brand recognition and absolute leadership in the bottled water market in Ethiopia.

    The cooperation between Newamstar and YES Group began in 2013. YES Group and Newamstar signed multiple sets of high-speed production lines in their first cooperation including water line, juice line and CSD line. With the smooth production of these production lines, Newamstar helped YES to further expand its market share in the Ethiopian beverage industry, laying a solid foundation for the future development of YES.

    Due to the stable and reliable equipment performance, efficient and energy-saving production technology, and intimate and high-quality service quality…, Newamstar won the high recognition of YES Group, and soon YES Group purchased a new set of high-speed blowing-filling-capping combi from Newamstar. When the blowing-filling-capping combi of Newamstar was again put into production on schedule, the heads of the YES Group gave thumbs up and gave high credit and recognition to the company. In YES Group factory nowadays, more and more Newamstar production lines are operating efficiently and the factory is busy in production. The successful delivery of the production line enabled the leap-forward development of YES Group and great improvement of the operational efficiency in the plant. Relying on the quality and trust, Newamstar and YES Group have gradually become important partners for mutual support on the development road.

    Ethiopian Highest Speed Bottled Water Production Line-SELAM

    SELAM means “hello” in the Amharic language (the official language of Ethiopia), expressing the friendliness and intimacy, and the SELAM factory in Shashamene is the first bottled water plant in this region. With the excellent brand design and high quality, SELAM products are quite popular among consumers in the local area.

    In 2014, after multi-perspective visit communication, SELAM chose Newamstar to provide one complete set of mineral-water production line plant solution. In view of the high recognition of Newamstar, SELAM even designed the factory color of the factory to the same color as the Newamstar company logo. Newamstar also live up to the requirements of customers, and did its best to help SELAM complete the project and achieve leapfrog development from scratch. Through the rapid development of these years, SELAM have been highly recognized for its products and brands, but the problem of shortage of supply has also followed.

    Although the factory is already in 24-hour operation, and the line efficiency has been nearly 100%, it is still far from meeting the huge market demand. Therefore, SELAM once again cooperated with Newamstar to tailor-made one turn-key project of 40,000 BPH high-speed blowing-filling-capping combi production line. This production line is currently the fastest combi production line in the Ethiopian water industry. Newamstar again lived up to the expectations by delivering the line to customers on time and putting it into production on schedule. It once again helped SELAM achieve a huge breakthrough, providing a strong guarantee for SELAM to achieve more ambitious goals.

    Cooperating for the first time represents the fate, and cooperating again is the recognition and trust of Newamstar. It is the support, trust and multiple cooperation of customers that drives Newamstar toward breakthroughs and innovations, bearing in mind the mission of helping customers build the ideal factory and working hard to strive ahead.