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     “Youth means fighting with passion”, product value of Eastroc carries firm and upward force and inspires people to go beyond ordinary and pursue dreams. It is such fighting spirit makes industry legend of Eastroc Beverage (Group) Co., Ltd..

    The time is like a shuttle. Looking back to the cooperation history of Eastroc Group and Newamstar, from the delivery of first production line to Eastroc Group, Newamstar has successfully delivered more than 10 sets of production line including 5 sets of 36000BPH ultra-clean blowing-filling-capping production line and the Industry First line of 24000BPH PET bottled blowing-filling-capping production line with dry sterilization processing for citrus peel beverage. From the China First bottle of vitamin functional beverage launched in 1998 to the leader in national functional beverage market, Eastroc Group becomes a legend in China functional beverage market by more than 20 years. All along, Newamstar has been continuously providing strong support for the development of Eastroc Group.

    As a representative of national functional beverages, Eastroc advocates the positive energy spirit of “Youth means fighting with passion”, which is closely matched with JD.COM service initiated by JD.COM with integration of electrical business and logistics and striving spirit reflected by JD.COM speed. Therefore, based on the cooperation with JD.COM, Eastroc Group adopts intelligent warehousing system to upgrade existing warehousing and logistics system in response to the call of national intelligent manufacturing policy. Newamstar fully entered into the field of intelligent logistics in 2017, especially as the first supplier in the industry to propose integrated intelligent factory solution for production and storage, with high attention from customers in this industry including Eastroc Group. Benefiting from the good cooperation between two parties, Newamstar and Eastroc Group fitted with the cooperation of intelligent warehousing project. Newamstar project team investigated and analyzed existing production, logistics and warehousing management, etc. in Canton Eastroc factory and constantly improved and optimized project design to create the best solution for customer. During the period of installation and commissioning, two parties worked closely together to successfully complete the delivery of the intelligent warehousing project on schedule and won high recognition of Eastroc Group.

    Newamstar intelligent warehousing system for Eastroc Group adopts AS/RS system, which uses existing lifting equipment to transport finished products to AGV; AGV transports it to stacker, and then stacker transfers products to shuttle. Through this system, it greatly increases space utilization rate and realizes function of first-in-first-out. This kind of warehousing solution is not only very suitable for Eastroc with features of less variety and large quantity of single product, but also solves problems that relatively separated between production line and warehouse, tight land resources and inconvenient centralized management of finished products. It realizes seamless connection among packaging system, storage system and enterprise management system, supports Eastroc Group to accelerate development of digitalization, integration and intelligent system, enhances the level of enterprise intelligent manufacturing and meets the needs of enterprise development.

    Taking a new attitude to meet new challenges, Newamstar and Eastroc Group will continue to maintain a close strategic partnership relation. We believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, Eastroc Group will step out of a strong road belonging to China functional beverages by brand-new and youthful brand connotation and powerful product images.