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    “ Happy life, happy VV”. This famous advertising slogan is deeply impressed by many Chinese consumers. This feeling makes VV Group the pioneer of the soybean milk industry, also the most influential soybean milk enterprise in China.

    VV Group, established in 1992, is a big cross-sector and cross-region group with the main business of “ecological agriculture, grains and food manufacture”. It is also the national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, one of the“Top ten food manufacturers in China”.

    In recent years, transferred from the single product of the soybean milk powder to the innovative product like the liquid soybean milk, and increased different ways of packaging such as Tetrapak, glass bottle, can, etc, VV Group actively explores and expands the plant protein beverage field. Its factory in Wuxi city has already invested the aseptic filling line to product the PET bottled soybean milk and first made the innovative product of liquid soybean milk in PET bottle.

    As the pioneer and the founder of China’s PET aseptic filling technology, Newamstar not only has rich professional experience in aseptic filling line design, installation and commissioning, but also has the absolute advantage in aseptic packaging technology of PET bottle plant protein beverage. Depending on those advantages, Newamstar and VV Group signed the contract for one aseptic filling line to produce liquid soybean milk in PET bottle, which capacity is 24000BPH(500ml). The line is running quite smoothly and has constantly provided PET bottled soybean milk in good quality to the market, which contributes a lot to the sustainable development of soybean milk in VV Group.

    Soybean milk, came from soybean, was given the special features of color, smell, and taste by high standard industrialization process. It is extremely popular among the consumers because of the good flavor and rich nutrition, and has great potential while already become the first choice of many people in both daily life and working condition. VV Group started its journey from soybean milk powder and transferred to PET bottled liquid soybean milk product, which contains lots of spiritual value, emotional value and life proposition. VV Group not only supply healthy beverages but also joyful mood to consumers. Newamstar, working together with VV Group, is and will always be in the leading position in soybean milk beverage field.