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    Among the many brands that are familiar to consumers, Arawana Rice Oil, Olivia Olive Oil, and Orchid Oil are all from Yihai Kerry Group. The parent company of Yihai Kerry Group is Singapore’s Wilmar International Group. As one of the main business segments of Wilmar International, Yihai Kerry covers a wide range of fields including grain and oil foods, raw food materials, and oleochemicals. Since its inception in 1991, Yihai Kerry’s “Arawana” has not only ended the history of China’s supply of bulk edible oil, but also continuously promotes food safety with quality innovation and promotes the subversive transformation of ideas of consumer grain &oil.

    Product quality and food safety are always the top priority, which also get much attention from Yihai Kerry Group. Yihai carefully selects the equipment suppliers, and it took nearly 3 months from the very beginning when they first contacted Newamstar, to  the intention exchange, and to the final finalization of the project. During that period, Yihai Kerry’s project team made a number of in-depth inspections of Newamstar and in-depth comparisons in various aspects. Newamstar won the full recognition and positive appraisal by research and design capabilities and advanced manufacturing level. And was appointed by Yihai Kerry Group to be responsible for the 6000 bottles/hour (5L) edible oil filling machine project in its Taizhou factory. At the same time, Yihai also puts forward the stringent requirements that the equipment must be installed and commissioned to the trial production within one week.

    To meet the requirements of customers, Newamstar has set up a special team to clarify the specific tasks of division of labor. It is fully prepared in terms of technical details, electrical standards, assembly and commissioning in the plant, equipment preparation, and on-site personnel deployment. In the end, it did not meet customer expectations, withstood tremendous pressure, overcame many difficulties, and helped customers complete the original production plan and won the praise from customers.

    The equipment tailored for Yihai Kerry is a new generation of edible oil weighing filling machine from Newamstar. The equipment configuration has the following characteristics:

    Fast and slow dual flow rate filling control, the feedback correction function of the load cell ensures the accuracy of filling.

    Specially designed filling valve, stable switching valve, no dripping and splashing during filling.

    Different capacity formulas can be set to meet the automatic switching of metering adjustment.

    Filling and capping machine is equipped with electric lifting to ensure automatic adjustment of height.

    The faulty valve can be shielded online to ensure that no bottles no filling, and no bottles no capping.

    In-dial and out-dial and the transitional wheel are equipped with overload protection devices to effectively prevent card bottles and squeeze bottles.

    Quick-change bottle type change parts greatly shorten the bottle type switching time.

    Configure a flexible reject device to eliminate unfilled and uncovered products.

    Store and record the weight of the filling product and the filling status of each valve for report analysis and fault diagnosis.

    The flow regulating valve controls the stability of the feeding and the stability of the liquid level of the liquid tank.

    One-button operation completes oil change cleaning without human intervention.

    Innovation is the soul of development, as well as the driving force and the responsibility. Newamstar insists the corporate mission of “Building the ideal factory for customers”, creates the service that “exceeds customer expectations and industry standards”, and provides customers with safe and reliable solutions by continuous improvement of technology to help customers build safer, healthier, and more nutritious edible oil.

    Yihai Kerry focuses on the production of grain and oil, strictly controls product quality, continuously increases investment and control in all aspects of the industrial chain, and strives to establish a seamless connection from source management, production and processing, warehousing logistics and terminal customer service. The system enables the traceability of the whole process to ensure food safety.

    The future has come, Yihai Kerry and Newamstar are constantly playing the advantages of aspects in their own brand, scale, research and development, improving product quality, enhancing product reputation, and creating product value, making more consumers feel the “quality on the tongue”, sharing the family happiness, warmth and caring, and pursuing a better life!