• 282021 / 05


    In the long-term market practice, Wahaha Group has always been committed to guiding the demand for healthy consumption, making fresh progress, constantly improving the product layout, and bringing consumers a fresh and pleasant product experience. As people paying more and more attention to health, the requirements for product quality are getting higher and higher, new carbonated beverages are gradually becoming popular in the domestic market.

    Wahaha has accumulated development momentum, vigorously carried out product innovation, launched sugar-free and non-calorie aerated soda water. Newamstar built a 48,000BPH water & CSD integrated combiblock for Wahaha, created the first water & CSD integrated combiblock in the domestic beverage machinery industry.

    In project design and equipment manufacturing, Newamstar relies on its strong R&D strength and rich project implementation experience to overcome difficulties and truly integrate leading industrial design and advanced manufacturing technology. The blowing system adopts servo stretching technology, which is convenient and quick to commission when changing products and bottle sizes; The filling system adopts mass flowmeter method, which can adapt to the filling of different products, and can achieve high-precision filling. The production line is equipped with Newamstar new generation of flowmeter type mixer. When producing CSD products, the carbon dioxide will be better mixed, ensuring the product taste and quality.

    Water & CSD integrated combiblock can not only meet the production needs of drinking water products, but also realize the production of carbonated soda water and other CSD products. The high compatibility can meet the production of different bottle sizes and different bottle necks.

    At present, the beverage market has an increasing demand for trendy categories and products such as “younger, healthier, and more attractive” products. Sparkling water and other CSD flavor products are gradually gaining popularity, which not only meets the taste needs of consumers for carbonated beverages, but also meet the public’s concern for health. Since 2018, the continuous introduction of sugar-free carbonated beverage products by various brands has stimulated the growth of carbonated beverages, and the carbonated beverage market has revived. Healthy, diversified, natural and innovative new carbonated beverages will become a popular trend in the future. In 2019, Newamstar and Wahaha achieved new cooperation, and Newamstar provided one set of 30,000BPH water & CSD integrated combiblock production line for Wahaha Lhasa factory.

    Wahaha Lhasa factory is located on a plateau, altitude 3,600 meters, the climate is dry, and the oxygen pressure is low in the high cold. With rich experience in project design and implementation in the plateau region, Newamstar takes the special ecological environment of high altitude into full consideration. Every step is cross-checked and carefully demonstrated to meet the requirements of equipment configuration used in the high-altitude region. At the same time, Newamstar set up a special project team of talents, aiming for high quality and fast delivery, which won the time for the successful completion of the project. The water & CSD integrated combiblock provided for Wahaha Lhasa factory is applicable for both PET bottled water and CSD products such as beer cool tea and kvass which with high CO2 content. The production line has strong compatibility and can realize the quick switch of different products.

    After the water & CSD integrated combiblock at Wahaha Lhasa plant was put into production on schedule, Wahaha witness Newamstar’s excellence of technology, the meticulous craftsmanship of products and the thoughtful service again. Newamstar has the strong confidence to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation in diversified fields with Wahaha.