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    Parle Agro is the pioneer and leader of the beverage industry in India. It has a history of nearly 100 years and is the largest local beverage company in India. The Chauhan family founded Parle Products in Mumbai in 1929 and launched Baroda Bottling Co. Pvt. Ltd., the precursor to what is now known as Parle Agro, in 1959 when they entered the carbonated soft drink industry.

    Since 1985, Parle Agro has been committed to innovating products and establishing new iconic brands, striving to establish brand advantages in different categories and capturing the market. When Parle Agro lauched Frooti juice in the maket, it was the first juice drink in India utilizing tetra pack technology. Appy was the first apple juice drink in India and Appy Fizz is the first Fizz with juice in India, and Cafe Cuba is the first Fizz with coffee. Recently, it has launched an innovative Frooti Fizz with mango juice.

    With diversified growth strategies and innovative measures, Parle Agro has not only maximally connected consumers, but also achieved remarkable results, becoming the fastest growing beverage company in India in recent years. With the expansion of Parle Agro’s market share and the continuous growth of market demand, the production capacity has become the most important part of its new growth strategy.

    In early 2018, Parle Agro launched its largest capacity expansion plan in the history. With the successful cooperation experience of rotary bottle blowers in the early stage, Parle Agro chose Newamstar to tailor made five high-speed CSD Combiblock lines at one time. Since the peak season of the Indian beverage market is mainly between January and June each year, it is hoped that the production line must be put into production before the peak season.

    The schedule is tight and the task is heavy. Through the joint efforts of Newamstar and Parle Agro team, various difficulties have been overcome. The five high-speed CSD Combiblock lines have been successfully handed over to Parle Plants as scheduled in 2018 in high-efficiency operation, with satisfactory results as promised. The success of on time hand-over to Parle Agro has greatly deepened the cooperation between the two sides and enhanced the mutual trust. And based on that trust and cooperation, in April 2019, Parle Agro and Newamstar reached again the cooperation of five high speed combi production lines.

    Since 2016 till now, Newamstar advanced Combiblock production lines have been in succession installed in Parle Agro plants all over India, bringing healthy, nutritious and fresh experience to Indian consumers, improving the production efficiency and keeping the sustainable development capacity of Parle Agro, and escorting the smooth implementation of its growth strategy!