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    For more than 30 years of hard trips and moving forward, Dali Group has always been focusing on the food industry, from single snack food to mature food and beverage industry structure, from the birth of “Daliyuan” cakes to the implementation of multiple brands strategy, Dali Group achieved the legendary journey of a leading company in the Chinese food industry.

    The unique features of local environment and culture always give special characteristics to its inhabitants and so as well the enterprise. The fertile ground of Minnan culture has nurtured the Dali people who are united, hardworking, and courageous. They are hard-working, creative, and enterprising, making Dali Group survive in the hardship and keep moving forward, becoming the winner in sub-categories and model in the food and beverage industry.

    Dali Group officially entered the beverage field in 2006, completed the category innovation from water, tea, energy drinks to plant protein drinks, realized the leapfrog development and explosive growth. Today, Dali Group has more than 30 food and beverage production bases. “Daliyuan” peanut milk, “Daliyuan” green plums with good tea, “Heqizheng” herbal tea, “Lehu” energy drinks and other household names are famous and well loved by consumers.

    With the improvement of living standards, health has become one of the top concerns for Chinese consumers. Soy milk is rich in high quality protein and a variety of trace elements needed by human body, and its nutritional value is like milk. Taste is fragrant and mellow, smooth but not greasy, regularly drinking is beneficial, it is a healthy and nutritious drink. China is a big consumer of plant protein drinks, soy milk as a traditional category, takes the top place in the consumption structure of liquid plant-based products in China. The upgrading form of traditional soy milk powder to the ready-to-drink soy milk packaging emerged in recent years, it has changed the consumption habits and traditional drinking ways of Chinese people and released the huge commercial potential of ready-to-drink soy milk in Chinese market.

    Dali Group is optimistic about the billions of dollars soy milk market, aiming at the soy milk beverage with strong development trend in the future. It breaks through the limitation of solid soy milk once again and takes the lead in launching liquid soy milk, which is convenient to carry and drink at any time. The soy milk made by Dali Group brings the plant nutritional value of “natural high quality plant protein, natural low fat, zero cholesterol, zero addition”, and provides a natural healthy and nutritious drink for the people.

    Soy milk is plant neutral protein beverage, from the selection of raw materials to the control of manufacturing technology, it inevitably faces many challenges. In terms of material selection, Dali soy milk is designated to use farm non-GMO soybeans to ensure the pure source of nutrition and high content of natural plant protein. In terms of manufacturing technology, the grinding and cleaning processes for the pre-treatment of the soy milk, retaining the high protein characteristics after sterilization and ensuring the sterility of the products, all processes must be strictly controlled, actively use suitable solutions, and formulated rigorous process standards. In the case of no preservatives, aseptic manufacturing process must be used to ensure the safety and reliability of the product. Only by doing a good job in the pretreatment planning and design, can we control the source of aseptic process and make a good safety and quality pass to produce the following processes.

    During the process of blending, the temperature and flow control of soy milk have high requirements, the nutrient composition of soy milk itself must not be destroyed and lost in high temperature instantaneous sterilization, which means strict control from early raw material treatment. With rich project implementation experience in the field of plant protein beverage, Newamstar has carefully controlled the risk of filtration, heating, mixing, cleaning, sterilization and other key process points, customized aseptic production solutions for Dali soy milk, reached a new cooperation with Dali Group.

    To make timely and efficient docking and quickly promote the implementation of the project, Newamstar has set up a special project technical team to comprehensively consider the project, optimize the configuration, actively do a good job of risk control, form various plan levels, ensure the fluency of key process points, and the smooth implementation of the new product production plan.

    In the production procedure of soy milk, it is another difficulty to maintain the high protein characteristics, and the key points lies in the good control of blending and sterilization process. The conventional sterilization process is not equipped with protein stabilization process, the material enters the sterilization machine to heat up to around 70℃ and then directly rises to the sterilization temperature of 139℃ for high-temperature instantaneous sterilization, which will lead to the destruction of product characteristics and the loss of protein nutrition. Soy milk sterilization system developed by Newamstar is equipped with protein stabilization unit and adopts high temperature instantaneous sterilization process, it can realize different sterilization and retention processes according to the characteristics of materials, such as viscosity, fluidity, microbial characteristics, etc. Compared with conventional processes, the high-protein characteristics of materials can be stabilized to the maximum extent. Through careful consideration and analysis, Newamstar project team tested and verified different formulation processes on site. Finally, through close cooperation with the customer, Newamstar found the scheme that can realize Dali soy milk with high protein and high nutrition.

    Since the cooperation in 2007, Dali Group and Newamstar have worked together to implement multi-frequency and diversified in-depth cooperation in multiple fields like pretreatment systems, drinking water production lines, hot filling production lines, carbonated soft drink production lines, aseptic cold filling production lines, intelligent storage systems, etc. Especially after the successful cooperation of PET aseptic cold filling production lines in 2008, Dali created the era of aseptic packaging. Newamstar has already set up nearly 30 aseptic cold filling production lines in Dali nationwide factories, meeting the flexible production of various beverages under Dali Group, broadening product coverage, and meeting the market demand.