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    The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It borders the Andaman Sea in the southwest, India and Bangladesh in the northwest, China in the northeast, and Thailand and Laos in the southeast. The capital city is Naypyidaw, located in central Myanmar.

    Myanmar implemented market economy after 1988, and gradually open to the outside world. EAC group was established in 1994 as a trading company that exported agricultural products to neighboring countries and imported living consumer goods from China. In 1996, EAC group changed the commercial mode and became the manufacturer and distributor. With the rise of Myanmar’s economy and growing friendly relations with China, EAC Group has also gradually grown stronger. Over the past 15 years, EAC Group has developed rapidly in the consumer goods, food, and beverage industries. Nowadays, the beverage products, daily consuming products, edible oil, batteries, and other products of EAC group are well-known in Myanmar and the market share is among the best. With a wide range of product categories and branded products, EAC Group has become a market leader in consumer products manufacturers and distributors in Myanmar.

    Many years ago, EAC Group began to deploy bottled water and beverage areas. With the continuous growth of market demand in recent years, it has paid more attention to the development of beverage business and plans to further increase the production capacity of its PET bottled beverage products.

    As the strategic partner, Newamstar has successfully provided many complete lines for EAC Group, including 40,000BPH high-speed combiblock for PET bottled water line. Based on the long-standing good relationship between the two parties, EAC Group first approach Newamstar, hoping that Newamstar will make comprehensive design and planning for the new PET bottle beverage project.

    At the beginning, while providing hot-filling solutions based on customer requirements, Newamstar also recommended PET bottle aseptic cold-filling solutions and introduced the characteristics and differences of the two solutions, especially advantages in aseptic filling technology to the EAC team in detail. Compared with hot filling, aseptic filling is applicable to a wider range of products, and products are more fresh, more nutritious, and healthier. Aseptic filling has less requirements for packaging materials such as preforms and caps as well as the energy consumption which is more economical and eco-friendly. On the other hand, as the pioneer and founder for PET bottle aseptic cold filling technology in China, it has entered the world’s advanced rank, and has become the only one supplier in China and the few suppliers in the world that can provide mature PET aseptic combiblock with integrated production and storage solutions.

    After comprehensive evaluation and careful consideration in product applicability, quality, cost analysis and other related aspects, the decision makers of EAC finally chose the tailored turnkey project of 24,000BPH aseptic combiblock production line from Newamstar.

    Since it is the first time EAC Group adopt PET bottles aseptic cold-filling technology, Newamstar project team made meticulous and thoughtful arrangements in all aspects from the whole line design, installation and commissioning, on-site training to equipment delivery, all from the perspective of the customer which laid a good foundation for the successful delivery of the project and provided a strong guarantee for the successful implementation of the project.

    Newamstar provided EAC Group with turnkey solution of 24,000BPH aseptic combiblock production line, it was designed from pre-treatment system, aseptic combiblock, secondary packaging conveying system to palletizing and warehousing. The whole production line can easily realize the production of multi-category products and the changeover of various bottle sizes and packaging forms. For equipment installation and commissioning, Newamstar project team concentrated all their best to chase the project schedule under the condition of ensuring site safety. For customer training, Newamstar provides theoretical and practical training for personnel and customized training and lectures for customer’s project team based on actual situation. Especially during the COVID-19 period, Newamstar engineers still worked on site, it provides a strong guarantee for the continuous and efficient operation of the production line and has been universally recognized and fully affirmed by the EAC Group. Thanks to Newamstar’s mature PET bottles aseptic combiblock technology, excellent and efficient service guarantee, professional training system, and complete whole-process management, the project was guaranteed to be put into production and ran on time with high-efficiency successfully.
    The 24,000BPH PET bottleed aseptic combiblock production line built for EAC Group has strong product compatibility and can produce functional beverages, beverages with particles and neutral milk-containing beverages. Since then, EAC Group owned the first aseptic combiblock in Myanmar, filling the gap in the local market. Prior to this, all PET bottled aseptic beverages sold in the Myanmar market were imported from abroad, but when the similar products from EAC group were introduced, they received great response from the market.

    In the future, EAC Group plans to provide more high-quality beverage products for consumers relying on the aseptic combiblock technology provided by Newamstar to increase the market competitiveness of the products. EAC Group stated that it was undoubtedly the right choice for the aseptic combiblock technology from Newamstar. It is important to go with the future market trend and create differentiated products for market competition, and they have already been at the forefront of the market.