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    Master Kong is a household and well-known brand in China. Their products include the classic and delicious instant noodles, as well as a variety of healthy drinks. After Master Kong Group started producing instant noodles in 1992, it has expanded its business scope from instant food to beverages in just a few years. Master Kong’s ready-to-drink teas, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, packaged water, coffee beverages, functional beverages, and lactic acid bacteria beverages are well received by consumers in the Chinese market.

    In 2020, the domestic epidemic broke out, and the traditional recycled bucket drinking water market was greatly impacted. The characteristics of large PET bottle packaged water that is more hygienic and safer for one-time use are gradually highlighted. Master Kong Group captured this consumption trend, made a comprehensive strategic deployment for the large bottled drinking water market in China and officially launched Master Kong boiled water product to meet the new market demand. It advocates that “Boiled water is mild and non-irritating, suitable for stomachs of Chinese people”. At the same time, it is favored by consumers for its three characteristics of mildness, safety, and sweetness. With its excellent quality, it has become the official designated water for many large-scale domestic events.

    Since 2011, Newamstar has established extensive cooperation with Master Kong group. For the large bottled water blowing-filling-capping project, Newamstar once again accepted many rounds of careful and comprehensive investigation by Master Kong’s project team. With its rich experience in the field of large bottled water, cutting-edge technology and great turnkey solution of intelligent production line, Newamstar has won the affirmation of Master Kong’s project team. It has successfully signed a contract with Master Kong group to provide 8 sets of 6000 bottles/hour (5L) PET bottled water blowing-filling-capping production lines for Master Kong group at one time, helping Master Kong quickly expand its market advantage in the field of large packaged boiled water. At the same time, it also further consolidated the leading position of Newamstar in large bottled water blowing-filling-capping production line.

    Newamstar’s cutting-edge blowing-filling-capping equipment, as well as the support of Master Kong’s unique 36 product processes and rigorous 100 item quality inspection, have established multiple safety barriers for the products, raised the boiled water to a higher level of gentleness and safety, and made consumers more assured. Meanwhile, by controlling the filling temperature to room temperature, it can be quickly cooled online to below 30℃, making the taste of “drinking boiled water” softer and sweeter.

    During the design and manufacture of 8 large bottled water blowing-filling-capping production lines for Master Kong group, Newamstar overcame the challenge of the epidemic, and all production lines were delivered on schedule. Master Kong group has always had strict requirements not only for products, but also for equipment suppliers. Therefore, during the commissioning of production equipment before leaving the factory, Newamstar has also accepted the field investigation and strict testing of Master Kong project team for many times.

    After the equipment leaves the factory, the Newamstar project team attaches great importance to the needs of customers and has formulated a rigorous project implementation schedule to catch the deadline. During epidemic, Newamstar project team made every effort to allocate resources to ensure that each site has an experienced engineer team to participate in the commissioning. Many production line supporting equipment put forward higher requirements for project management. To ensure the smooth operation of the whole line, Newamstar engineers not only do a good job in the installation and commissioning of the self-made equipment, but also well cooperate with other suppliers to improve. To catch up with the construction period, they often keep working until the early morning. At the site, the engineers of Newamstar actively responded to the needs of customers, carefully debugged the equipment to give full play to its best efficiency, ensured that Master Kong passed the special verification of Pepsi, and laid the foundation for the subsequent production of Pepsi products.

    As always, Newamstar engineers tried their best to complete the commissioning on schedule, quickly reached the production capacity, and finally the production lines passed the acceptance. The on-time high-quality delivery of the project and the smooth and efficient operation of the production line have been highly recognized by customers.

    In recent years, with the healthy and convenient consumer demand, the bottled water market has grown strongly. According to Euromonitor, the retail volume of bottled water in China was 42.3 billion liters in 2019, accounting for 54% of the total retail volume of soft drinks. It is expected to reach 60% of the total retail volume of the market in 2024. The prospective industry research institute predicts that the scale of China’s bottled water market will grow by 8% – 9% in the next few years, and the market scale is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan in 2025. As various brands have entered the boiled water market, the next ten years will be a decade of rapid development for boiled water, and it will belong to the golden age of boiled water. Boiled water is also becoming a new choice for healthy drinking water for all in the era of healthy consumption upgrades. Continue friendship and deepen cooperation. Newamstar and Master Kong will join hands on a new journey to the future and continue to make strong contributions to promoting the development of China’s boiled water industry and the cause of “Healthy China 2030”.