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    When it comes to South Korea, many people naturally think of Korean cosmetics, Korean TV drama and so on. With the development of economy and the communications between countries, the Korean wave is surging. More and more Chinese companies have stepped out of the country to expand overseas markets. Since 2008, Newamstar has officially entered the country that created the “Hanjiang Miracle” and has cooperated with many famous companies such as Hyosung, Sansu, Coca-Cola Korean and so on. Newamstar’s high-quality products and services gained the consistent favourable comment from Korean customers.

    The bottled mineral water industry in Korean beverage industry is at the very beginning stage and the market has great development potential. Since the first Korean legislation allowed industrial mining and filling of bottled mineral water in 1995, South Korea’s bottled mineral water industry has ushered in a strong momentum of rapid development, and mineral water producers have planned and deployed their own future.

    Sansu Group is a bottled mineral water company with a long history in Korea. Its main business is to produce bottled water in its own brand, but it also provides processing services for some well-known brands in Korea. In 2012, Sansu Group opened the prelude of cooperation with Newamstar. As Sansu Group’s business continues to grow bigger and stronger, it is imperative to adopt advanced technology and expand production capacity.

    Based on the good cooperation with Newamstar, Sansu Group once again asked Newamstar to provide one set of advanced bottled water blowing-filling-capping combi production line solutions. Since the customers of Sansu Group transport empty bottles to the Sansu factory for filling, how to make the combi production line compatible with the production of both preforms and the filling for empty bottles provided by customers is the major concern of Sansu Group.

    After fully understand the needs of Sansu Group, Newamstar’s technical team decided to develop a blowing-filling-capping combi production line that is compatible with the air conveying feeding empty bottle. After empty bottles being sent by the air conveying channel and enter into the blowing-filling-capping combi machine, they will be washed by a bottle washer and then sent to the filling system. Sansu Group can produce its own branded products and customers’ OEM products at any time according to its own production needs. The switching between different products is very convenient. At the same time, the new blowing-filling-capping combi production line can be compatible with different bottle types such as 0.5L and 2.0L. The production capacity can reach 30000BPH for 0.5L bottle type and 15000BPH for 2.0L bottle type. The filling machine adopts the advanced non-contact electromagnetic flowmeter filling, equipped with automatic CIP device, and the HEPA filter system is also used in the rinsing, filling and capping areas to ensure the clean and hygienic environment of the filling and capping area.

    Newamstar has been highly appraised by Sansu Group after the launch of this high-speed blowing-filling-capping combi production line tailored -designed for them. Sansu group has repeatedly praised the quality products and intimate services that Newamstar has always provided. Since 2008 when Newamstar has entered the Korean market, and its market share has been rising year by year, winning the trust of customers! The repeated purchase of old customers is the embodiment of Newamstar ‘s excellent product quality and excellent service. All the time, Newamstar takes science and technology innovation as the forerunner. In the aspects of product design and development, manufacturing and processing, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, etc., we are striving for excellence, exquisite and intensive, and strive to achieve “every device is craft, every production line is a model line”.

    In February 2018, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics held the historical coordinates of South Korea and opened a new chapter in Sino-Korean exchanges. At the closing ceremony, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech to invite the world to attend Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing. From South Korea to China, from Pyeongchang to Beijing, the link of Winter Olympics will be closely connected with us. It will also ignite passion and convey dreams for the Winter Olympics. It will also be a perfect interpretation of the Olympic spirit and vigorously promote it. This will promote the new screams of Chinese and Korean companies, launch new cooperation, and seek new win-win results. As a leading company in China’s liquid product packaging machinery industry, Newamstar will work harder and deepen the market, and continue to struggle for the great ideal of “Made in China, Made for world”.