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    In recent years, Coca-Cola Bottlers Manufacturing Holdings has continuously strengthened its strategic resilience and achieved sustainable high-quality development through business portfolio optimization, refined supply chain and digitalization. In Guizhou, it not only built a modern factory integrating safety, environmental protection, intelligence and high efficiency, but also established a digital factory under the digital economy, providing intelligent support for production and operation decisions. The only production line which is the 36000BPH Combiblock of Coca-Cola Bottlers Manufacturing (Guizhou) is provided by Newamstar, which can meet the annual production needs of 100,000 tons of products such as Pure Life and Ice Dew.

    The complete line undertaken by Newamstar includes pretreatment system, blowing-filling-capping Combibloc, labeling machine, shrink wrapper, palletizer, inspection system (preform, cap, liquid level, loose or tilted cap, label), conveying system and digital factory management system.

    The high-speed Combibloc continues the previous advantages and further adds the innovations, running stably with flexible bottle SKU switching and high-precision filling.

    The secondary packaging system adopts multi-point frequency control. The conveying system integrates single lane conveying, multi-lane buffering, and pressure-free shunting. High-speed hot melt labeling machine, multi-spec shrink wrapper, palletizer, inspection machine and other single machines are connected in sequence, which ensures high efficiency of the whole line.
    In addition, Newamstar custom-developed an intelligent factory management system for customers based on the actual operation needs of the factory, and built a data sharing platform that can collect real-time production line operation data in real time and provide various parameters such as air consumption, power consumption, packaging material usage, and product output, generating various reports. The system achieves stimultaneous operation on both mobile and computer ends, which is convenient for decision makers to dispatch. What’s more, by recording the operation status of the production line during production practice, the system will automatically give maintenance reminders according to the working conditions to ensure more efficient and stable operation of the equipment.

    When Newamstar 36,000BPH Combi production line representing the advanced technological level in China escorted the lightweight bottled water production for Coca-Cola’s Ice Dew in 2011, the cooperation between Newamstar and Coca-Cola was kicked off. Since then, Newamstar’s multiple production lines have been entering Coca-Cola’s factories successively, spreading its products to the whole China.

    We look forward to Newamstar and Coca-Cola Bottlers Manufacturing Holdings joining hands and making progress together, jointly promoting the digital transformation and high-quality development of both parties, and sharing a better future!

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