AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle)

AGV is used exclusively for material transition. Equipped with automatic guidance system, AGV can move on the pre-defined routes and convey materials from staring point to destination automatically without manual guiding.
Compared with RGV, AGV adopts magnetic stripe, laser or bar code in its automatic guidance system. Without rails on the ground, we can ensure ground level and logistics smoothness.
Subject to customer’s onsite situation, we can offer different AGV types:
Pallet Handling AGV;
Shelf Handling AGV;
Unmanned Forklift AGV.

Pallet handling AGV is a special delivery device that can realize transit transport of goods. Equipped with an automatic guidance system, it can ensure that the system can automatically travel along a predetermined route without manual piloting, and automatically transport goods or materials from the starting point to the destination.

Main Features:
Mid-mounted dual drive transmission method is adopted to improve the flexibility of the delivery trolley.
Strong carrying capacity, with a maximum carrying capacity of 1000kg.
Imported BLDCMs are used for long life and high reliability.
Wireless communication devices are used to perform real-time data exchange and sharing with the upper dispatch management system.
Reliable safety protection measures, with the functions of sound and light warning and automatic obstacle avoidance stop.
HMI touch screen is used for high human-computer interaction.

Shelf handling AGV is applicable to the handling and processing of goods such as packaging materials in the liquid packaging industry. It satisfies the requirements of large-scale cluster operations, and at the same time, it overturns the traditional pattern of “sorting by hands” in the delivery of auxiliary materials. At present, self-service operation in the storage area of package and auxiliary materials can be realized through the new mode of “Sorting by robot” with AGV according to the operation program.

Main parameters:
Guide method: magnetic strip, laser or QR code
Travelling function: forward, backward, turning, rotating in place
Rated load: 0-1000kg
Operating speed: Max 60m/min
Positioning accuracy: ±5mm
Equipped battery: Lithium Battery
Continuous working time: ≤Max3.5H

Unmanned forklift AGV has a strong carrying capacity and can directly fork material pallets for transportation. It is automatically decelerated during cornering and has the function of automatically recognizing obstacles and stopping in time. It is safe and reliable to travel. It is mainly used for the distribution of raw materials on the production line and the transportation of semi-finished products and finished products, warehouse palletizing, etc. In the production, it replaces people to do jobs that are monotonous, frequent, labor-intensive and long-duration, or operations under hazardous and harsh environments.

Main Parameters:
Guide method: magnetic stripe or laser
Travelling function: forward, backward, turning, rotating in place
Rated load: 0-1500kg
Operating speed: Max 60m/min
Positioning accuracy: ±5mm
Equipped battery: Lead Acid Battery or Lithium Battery
Continuous working time: ≤ 24H