Solution for Production-and-Storage-Integrated Smart Factory

In 2016, Newamstar took the lead in conceiving and launching the “Solution for Production-and-Storage-Integrated Smart Factory”. Through the use of industrial Internet service platforms to achieve the integration and intelligence of liquid food beverage production, packaging, warehousing and logistics, this solution helps customers reduce production and operating costs, improves production efficiency and energy efficiency, lowers labor intensity and management costs, shortens the cycle of return on investment, enhances the traceability of food safety, and ensures the quality and safety of food and beverages.

The solution consists of three major systems: automated production lines, automated storage systems, and intelligent control and information processing systems. In this solution, data identification, collection and tracking can be carried out on such aspects as warehousing, inspection, production, warehousing, and logistics and transportation so that the whole life cycle management can be carried out in such aspects as procurement, production, sales, distribution, and service.

Its biggest highlight is the intelligent control and information processing system, which is the key link for seamless integration of packaging system, storage system, and enterprise management system. Adopting a centralized control method, the system consists of a server terminal, a backup terminal, a packaging line monitoring terminal, a warehousing and logistics monitoring terminal, and a management terminal. Through Ethernet connection, data sharing and resource sharing with the ERP management terminal is realized at the same time.

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