Newamstar labeler adopts modular design, which can meet customized requirements for various bottle types, different labeling forms or combined labeling forms. The rotary bottle tray of the labeler adopts servo positioning mode, which can realize accurate positioning for different bottle types by visual positioning, sensor positioning, and bottle bottom slot positioning. Labeling machine can be adapted to different labeling station modules – hot melt glue labeling station, self-adhesive labeling station and pre-coated glue labeling station.
Tech parameter:
    Capacity: 1200-60000BPH
    Precision: ±1.5mm
    Bottle diameter: φ45-250mm
    Bottle height: 150-480mm
    Bottle shape: Round or square bottle
    Label height: Max 170mm
Optional module:
    Visual positioning module
    Online inspection module
    ● Label absence
    ● Trademark position
    ● Filling level